Top Web:

Polybond RHP 117 gsm is an overall coated top web solution made of a 112 gsm fiber matrix saturated
with a selection of water-based, synthetic and soft resins to dramatically enhance the mechanical
behavior (resistance to puncture, burst, tearing, etc.) of the material. The 5 gsm heat reactive adhesive
layer applied on this reinforced base provides strong sealing performance (sealing strength, superior
runnability) while ensuring perfect aseptic opening, including a soft peeling effect.
With a renewable resource content of more than 70% for better environmental performance, Polybond
RHP 117 gsm is designed to seal to flexible formable film grades such as PA/PE, PP/PA/PE or EVA/
Surlyn/EVA substrates. Polybond RHP 117 gsm is compatible with EO and Irradiation sterilization


Polybond RHP 117 gsm features make it the product of choice for the packaging of very large drapes
and gowns. It has also been qualified as a material which could complete or replace header bag or
Tyvek to PET-PE peel pouch types of packaging for very large size of devices.

Material description

Product designation POLYBOND® RHP 117 gsm
Product description Coated Polymer Reinforced Web
Recommended sterilization EO / Irradiation
Substance ISO 536 g/m² 117
Substance ISO 536 lb 72
Thickness ISO 534 µm 140
Thickness ISO 534 mil 5.3
Tensile strength ISO 1924-2 kN/m 7.0
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 545
Tearing strength ISO 1974 mN 1150
Cobb test ISO 535 g/m² 17
Pore size EN 868-2:2009 (App. E) μm 15
Air permeance ISO 5636-3 μm/Pa.s 3.0


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