General description

A very solid sterile barrier packaging solution specifically designed to provide an optimized productivity on rotary and platen sealing equipment. This packaging solution is particularly adapted to wound care, gloves and gauzes packaging of all shapes and all sizes.

Top Web:

Ethypel Performance CP 63 gsm is a medical cellulose-based overall coated top web solution designed to provide a superior and consistent sealing performance when combined to non-formable PET/PE films.
Ethypel Performance CP 63 gsm is made of a 60 gsm cohesive base sheeting coated with a water-based 3 gsm adhesive layer providing a strong sealing performance through high reactivity while ensuring an excellent aseptic opening including a soft peeling effect. This top web solution made of more than 90% of renewable resources also ensures a better environmental performance.

Bottom Web:

Ethyflex HSTP 52 μm is a 2-layer laminated PET/PE film specifically designed to provide superior run-ability on fastest packaging lines (rotary and platen sealing equipment) thanks to an optimized heat-seal layer. When combined to Sterimed top web solutions, Ethyflex HSTP 52 μm is able to provide a consistent sealing performance on a large operating window. 


Gloves, gauzes and active woun dcare of all shapes and

Package Performances:

The Ethypel Performance CP 63 gsm + Ethyflex HSTP 52 μm solution is especially adapted to wound care packaging (all sizes and all shapes) requiring high productivity level on rotary and platen sealing equipment. This material combination offers a consistent seal strength performance, between 1.9 and 2.3 N/15mm, when processed on recommended operating window* while ensuring an excellent aseptic opening including a soft peeling effect.

Material description

Product designation ETHYPEL® Performance CP 63 gsm
Product description Coated Medical Paper 63gsm
Recommended sterilization EO / Irradiation
Substance ISO 536 g/m² 63
Tensile strength ISO 1924-2 kN/m 4.8
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 330
Tear strength ISO 1974 mN 525
Cobb test ISO 535 g/m² 18
Pore size EN868-6 App D μm 11
Air permeance ISO 5636-3 μm/Pa.s 1.0


Product designation ETHYFLEX® HSTP 52µm
Product description PET/PE
Recommended sterilization EO
Thickness ASTM D374 µ/m² 52
Tensile strength ASTM D882 kN/m 2.8
Elongation ASTM D882 % 110
Color - - Transparent


Sterile barrier system performances

Recommended conditions Max deep draw mm No forming
Sealing temperature °C 130 - 160
Dwell time sec 0.5 - 1.1
Seal pressure kPa 500
Performance before sterilization Seal strength average* cN/15 mm 162
Seal strength variation % +/-8
Sealing aspect   pass
Dye penetration test   -
Performance after sterilization Sealing strength after EO % -1
Sealing strength after Irradiation % -1

*Sample size : 88 blisters – T-Peel supported angle.
Film forming characteristics are dependent on tooling design.

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