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STERIMED in general

Formerly Arjowiggins Healthcare, STERIMED® Infection Control specializes in the supply of sterilization packaging solutions to hospitals, medical device manufacturers & pouch making industry. 

STERIMED® Infection Control operations rely on:

  • 4 manufacturing, converting and warehousing facilities (US, France, Czech Republic, China),
  • 8 sales offices on 3 continents
  • Technical expertise in sterilization, SMS, non woven and flash spunbond HDPe processes, as well as coating, printing and film grades.

All products are manufactured in sites 100% dedicated to the healthcare industry on all their production tools, every day of the week, all year long.

Today, 1 out of 4 medical devices in the world are packed with one of its packaging solution.

Sterimed develops tailor-made solutions for most type of sterilizable packaging & technologies. We provide packaging for your medical devices (Ethypel®), materials for the manufacturing of pouches and tubing (Propypel®) and wrap solutions for sterilization in hospital (Sterisheet®).

Customer service

To reach a sales person and talk about your needs, send an email to or use the form at the right side of the FAQ.

You can also visit our “Locations” page to find the phone number of each of Sterimed’s sites.

Existing customers

Call your dedicated Customer Service contact for information. If your order is out for production, change is not possible. If your order has not been processed yet, modifications are possible, up to a certain date.

Call your dedicated Customer Service contact for information. If your order is ready, delivery can be postponed, up to a certain date. In some cases, change is not possible due to stock management.

After your order, your Customer Service interlocutor will send you the shipping documents as soon as they are available. For pick-up, please call your interlocutor to agree on a pick-up date. Sterimed services must be informed 48 hours before pick-up.

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