STERIMED is proud to globally introduce the first materials developed and manufactured together with Green Sail, a member of the STERIMED Group. Green Sail, based in Fuzhou, China, is now the STERIMED Group Center of Excellence for film bottom web materials.

The STERIMED Group teams developed the new EthyForm™ XPA series, multilayer cast coextruded PA/PE formable films. EthyForm™ XPA films are designed to be used on Form Fill Seal packaging lines as a bottom film for the packaging of sterilized medical devices.




EthyForm™ XPA films address various medical devices profiles with a wide range of available thicknesses, from 60 μm to 200 μm, from shallow to deep draw, and for light or heavier medical devices:



EthyForm™ XPA films are
Resistant and Safe

EthyForm™ XPA films’ biocompatible chemistry, designed for medical applications, is very stable over time as well as during sterilization processes.

Combined with excellent performance in standard mechanical tests such as puncture, stretch, or tensile, EthyForm™ XPA films are both resistant and safe.

EthyForm™ XPA films provide
Excellent Sealing and Aseptic Opening

EthyForm™ XPA films sealing layer technology offers Seal Strength levels fitting each application requirement with uncompromised sealing integrity and it offers excellent Aseptic Opening.
This proprietary technology allows large operating windows to support higher productivity.


Optimized and Qualified to seal
to Polybond™ and Ethypel™ top webs

STERIMED offers you unique expertise for both top and bottom webs: EthyForm™ XPA, developed by our Green Sail teams, and Ethypel™ and Polybond™ top web materials are designed to match.
The consolidated qualification information available for the combined materials will help you efficiently build your packaging validation documentation.

100% designed
for medical applications

Our operations are dedicated to medical devices application: we know and share your requirements regarding Quality and Safety. EthyForm™ XPA films are manufactured in ISO Class 8 cleanrooms by medical manufacturing qualified staff in an ISO 9001 certified site. EthyForm™ XPA films are fully compliant to ISO 11607-1 standards.