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Sterimed Infection Control and Papel Aralar are glad to announce today that they have concluded an exclusive partnership agreement in the Medical Packaging field, in order to accelerate their respective growths.
Following the terms of this agreement, Sterimed will become the exclusive selling arm of Aralar for all its medical grade papers, healthcare packaging solutions, cellulose-based products to be used in infection prevention, and single-use filtration applications.
Sterimed and Aralar will jointly develop and qualify packaging materials, which Sterimed will exclusively market through its sales channels all over the world. Consequently, Aralar will no longer directly sell such products in the market and will make Sterimed benefit from its high quality and design to cost manufacturing processes.

With this partnership, Sterimed will have access to an efficient and competitive manufacturing base for some medical packaging grades that are missing today in its product range, and Aralar will accelerate its development in those products thanks to the expertise of Sterimed global technical, marketing and sales network.

Aralar is a one-location Spanish 120 000 tons specialty paper manufacturer that has been active in the healthcare cellulose-based products market for a long time and has massively invested it its production facilities in order to develop competitive and performing products.
Sterimed is a global leader in the manufacturing, converting and sale of medical packaging substrates for single-use and re-usable sterile devices, offering a broad range of packaging and traceability products to medical device companies, medical packaging players and healthcare facilities all over the world through 5 manufacturing facilities and 13 sales offices.

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