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Sterimed, a world leader in the medical packaging sector, is delighted to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Especialistas en Esterilizacion y Envase (Grupo EEE), a latin american, mexican-based, major player in sterilization packaging and infection prevention solutions.The EEE group has 2 plants and 4 distribution and sales offices in Mexico, and 5 subsidiaries in Central and South America located in Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

It principally manufactures and sells sterilization paper bags, drapes and gowns, sterilization indicators, rollstocks, packaging films, pouches and header bags for hospitals and medical device companies throughout America and some countries in Asia and Europe. It is also representing and distributing major infection control and medical devices brands in Mexico such as Anios, Matachana, Meiko, and Terragene.

Sterimed and Grupo EEE are convinced that this alliance will generate significant synergies along the way, notably by cross-fertilizing their respective networks in hospital sterilization supplies in Latin America. For Sterimed, an increased industrial presence and sales footprint in North America will also allow to offer a larger and more competitive range of products and closer converting services to its customers, both Medical Device Companies and hospitals, in North and South America. For EEE, the access to the Sterisheet® worldwide distribution network will allow an accelerated development of its sales notably outside of Latin America.

Thibaut Hyvernat, President and CEO of Sterimed said: « we are more than happy to welcome everyone at Grupo EEE within the Sterimed family. The relationship between our two companies is dating back many many years and we know each other very well. I strongly believe that this alliance will create a lot of value for the patients, for all our employees, our partners and our shareholders. The fact that the actual shareholders of Grupo EEE have accepted to stay as Sterimed group minority shareholders is a great sign of their commitment to the success of this alliance, and of their conviction that it will create value. »

Antonio Lombardo, who will remain as CEO of Grupo EEE said: « after many years of a great relationship with Thibaut, Sterimed and Grupo EEE are finally creating a new alliance that will surely generate growth and stability to everyone related to this new fantastic group, where the quality of the whole range of products we offer combined with the passion of our employees will not only generate value, but will create a new reference in our markets. »


About Sterimed:

Headquartered in France, Sterimed is one of the world leaders in the medical packaging industry. It manufactures, converts and sells medical packaging substrates and infection prevention solutions all over the world, through 5 manufacturing sites and 8 sales offices on all continents.


About Grupo EEE:

Founded in 1983, EEE is a Latin American leader in sterilization supplies for industry and hospitals, headquartered in Mexico. A key agent to help develop the right sterilization processes in hospitals throughout Latin America and a reliable partner for medical device manufacturers, EEE manufactures, converts and sells sterilization paper bags, drapes and gowns, sterilization indicators, rollstocks and pouches, packaging films and header bags in 2 sites and 4 sales offices in Mexico and 5 in Latin American countries.

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