Bottom Web:

EthyForm XPA is a 7-layer coextruded PA/PE formable film manufactured in ISO Class 8 clean rooms and compliant with ISO 11607-1 requirements, for a perfect match to your quality and excellence requirements.

EthyForm XPA is designed to provide an excellent sealing performance fitting each application requirement, including consistent sealing strength, high runnability and sealing integrity, while ensuring a perfect aseptic opening when combined to Ethypel™ and Polybond™ product ranges, among other porous medical substrates.


EthyForm XPA films are designed as bottom webs for low weight to large and sturdy medical devices packed on Form Fill Seal machines. Available thicknesses are from 60 μm to 200 μm, EthyForm XPA is designed to seal to surface treated and coated polymer reinforced porous top web such as our Polybond range, and to direct seal and surface treated cellulosic porous top webs such as our Ethypel range.

Material description

Product designation ETHYFORM™ XPA 60 to 200 μm / 2.4 to 7.9 mils
Product description PA/PE
Recommended sterilization EO / Irradiation
Thickness ASTM F2251 μm 60 to 200
Thickness ASTM F2251 mils 2.4 to 7.9
Tensile strength ASTM D882 kN/m 2.4 to 5.8
Elongation ASTM D882 % 530 to 700
Deep draw - mm < 12 to 50
Color - - Transparent



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