Experience & innovation

Created in 1981, SPS Medical has been extremely active and innovative over the past 40 years, in the field of sterilization packaging solutions.

SPS Medical innovations strongly contributed to the evolution of sterilization packaging practices all over the world:

  • first fully peelable sterilization pouch with intra-film indicator printing (BOP)
  • first non-woven film pouch (Cleantex)
  • first SMS peelable pouch for the packaging of surgical trays, including a dedicated workstation. (Integrapak)
  • first reinforced peelable packaging made of steam sterilizable Polyolefin dedicated for sharp and heavy devices. (ULTRA)

SPS Medical manufacturing site located in France, has the largest converting capacity in Europe for medical pouches. We are present in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Having become the world leader in the sterilization packaging market, SPS medical is now considered as an essential partner in all aspects of in-hospital sterilization practices.

With sales offices and dedicated experts operating in France (SPS Medical), Spain (Pergut Medical) and Germany (Bromeda Medical), we offer direct supply and services to more than 2000 sterilization departments (pouches & reels, wraps, chemical & biological indicators, sealing equipment, tracking systems and many other consumables dedicated to sterilization practices).

Based on the strength of its knowledge in the hospital field, SPS Medical is also a valuable partner for the Medical Device Industry, to meet the highest standards and requirements.

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Quality that matters

In SPS Medical, Quality control takes place at every step of the manufacturing process, including raw materials and converted products. This organization ensures total and exhaustive traceability of the finished products. The SPS Medical Quality Assurance system is certified against ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Being an active expert in the regulatory and standardization work groups (Afnor, CEN, ISO), SPS Medical also guarantees constant, independent compliance of its products with the latest regulations and standards (EN 868 & EN ISO 11607-1).

The environment as a priority

SPS Medical has set up a manufacturing organization ruled by the highest health and safety standards without compromise. Manufacturing conditions fully comply with the latest environmental regulations (ISO14001) including recycling of materials, greenhouse gas emissions and other major sustainable processes.

Productivity & flexibility

SPS Medical manufacturing tools allow for large production as well as lower volumes and customized products. Thanks to unique converting pieces of equipment that can operate independently. All these equipment allow the company to meet the requirements of all customers, combining reactivity with efficiency.