Traceability, sterility maintenance and sterilization packaging good practices were the 3 main topics of this full day of conferences.
Herve NEY, Sterilization expert in Geneva teaching hospital, has presented the result of his assessment of Ancitrak, a new ancillary tray/loan sets tracking device.
The main benefits for CSSD were defined as improved efficiency, reduced losses of instruments and consequently economic gain through faster work and improved management of the full sets.
Christine DENIS, President of WFHSS, presented a study of sterility test and shelf life performance. The study has been carried out using Bonded (SMS-SMS) and Duo (SMS-Cellulose) type of materials, of Sterisheet: two sterilization wraps, sealed together and folded simultaneously. Test results have shown sterility maintenance based on medical device analysis in hospital event-related conditions for a period of minimum 12months.
Importance and relevance of controlling reusable containers were addressed by Christophe LAMBERT, SF2S President of French Society for Sterilization Sciences. He has explained to the audience the principles of the container water leak test, and how it could be used to evaluate reusable container integrity.
Additional topics covered by speakers representing Chinese Nursing Association have been addressing current Chinese sterilization practices and development of CSSDs in China.
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