Product Description:

Reinforced cellulose-based pouches with superior mechanical characteristics.

Polybond® Peel Pouches is a range of reinforced cellulose-based preformed sterile barrier systems designed with a versatile assortment to fit MDM's requirements. 

Polybond Peel Pouches offer a sustainable alternative to Polyolefin products.



Product Composition:

Our MDM pouches are designed using Polybond® - a material developed by the STERIMED R&D team exclusively for the medical industry.

  • Cellulose fibers are reinforced with polymer binders, therefore providing optimal mechanical resistance
  • The breathability of the Polybond® material ensures the best possible results for sterilization processes


Innovation for more sustainable packaging


MDM Peel Pouches by STERIMED can be used for packing various products intended to be sterilized with irradiation or ethylene oxide.

Polybond® Peel Pouches have the best possible mechanical protection level for the packed content. POLYBOND® technology ensures clean peel and smooth opening. Suitable for large peel angles.

Sterility maintenance is tested in warm and moist climates and is guaranteed for 5 years.



Global Offer::
Peel Pouch Type Top Web Film

Polybond RST 80

PET/PE 12/50

Polybond RHP 117

PET/PE 12/50

Polybond RCP 83

PET/PE 12/50

Polybond BGP 90

PET/PE 12/50  

In addition to our global range, our regional offer is also available.
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