Top Web:

Ethypel Classic 60 gsm is a medical cellulose-based direct-seal top web solution designed to provide standard sealing performance on FFS packaging lines when combined to films made of a PE seal layer (PA/PE ; PP/PE ; etc.). Ethypel Classic 60 gsm is made of a 60 gsm cellulosic base sheeting providing a standard sealing performance through pure mechanical anchorage while ensuring an aseptic opening (T-Peel opening angle).

This top web solution made of more than 90% of renewable resources also provides an excellent breathability level allowing a superior efficiency for the EO sterilization process. Ethypel Classic is fully compliant with the ISO 11607-1 and EN868-6 standards and specifically designed for EO and Irradiation Sterilization processes.


Ethypel Classic 60 gsm is a cost-efficient solution designed for light-weight and low-size flexible formable packaging made on Form Fill Seal (FFS) packaging lines requiring a standard mechanical and sealing performances associated to an aseptic opening at T-Peel opening angle.

Material description

Product designation ETHYPEL® Classic 60 gsm
Product description Direct Seal Medical Web
Recommended sterilization EO / Irradiation
Substance ISO 536 g/m² 60
Substance ISO 536 lb 37
Thickness ISO 534 µm 76
Thickness ISO 534 mil 2.9
Tensile strength ISO 1924-2 kN/m 4.4
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 300
Tearing strength ISO 1974 mN 625
Cobb test ISO 535 g/m² 15
Pore size EN 868-2:2009 (App. E) μm 17
Air permeance ISO 5636-3 μm/Pa.s 7.4
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