Product Description:

The wrapping material is used as a second layer of protection for medical devices inside the sterile barrier packaging.


Recommended for use as inner/outer protection layer around your medical devices prior to manufacturing of your final sterile barrier system packaging. Commonly used for Orthopedic sets, surgical trays, custom procedure kits, gowns & drapes. Manufactured in facilities and on production lines 100% dedicated to healthcare packaging requirements to ensure of best possible safety (product compliance, product traceability, prevention of cross-contamination).

Material description:

  Protection wrap 
Product designation ETHYWRAP dl 70 gsm / 43 lb
Product description

The first layer of medical-grade sterilizable barrier sheet to protect the medical device inside your sterile barrier system

Recommended sterilization EO 
Substance weight ISO 536 gsm 70 
Substance weight ISO 536 lb 43
Hight porosity EN 868-2:1999 (app.F) l/min/dm2 70
Thickness ISO 12625-3 µm 475
Hydrost Test ISO 811 mBar 55
Tensile strength MD ISO 1924-2 kN/m 3
Tensile strength CD ISO 1924-2 kN/m 1.4
Elongation MD ISO 1924-2 % 45
Elongation CD ISO 1924-2 % 45
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 325
Tearing strength MD ISO 1974 mN 9000
Tearing strength CD ISO 1974 mN 14000
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