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Polybond AGP 90 gsm is designed for sealing PVC and APET rigid materials. Its unique fiber mesh structure mixes cellulose together with a high level of synthetic binders content. It allows for an excellent fiber cohesion in large peel angles, and for superior performance in preventing the risks of break, puncture, and burst.

The choice of water-based coating technology and a significant share of renewable resources-based raw material content makes it an environmentally friendly solution to your high strength and resistance high strength and resistance packaging needs.


Polybond AGP 90 gsm is recommended for all types of products that are packed with PVC or APET film structures and that are sterilized by EO or Irradiation, such as custom procedure trays, surgical trays or orthopedics instruments. It has been tested on a number of web thicknesses, from 300 to 700 μm, on Form Fill Seal packaging lines. Polybond AGP 90 gsm can be used as roll stock or top lid on your packaging lines. The typical seal temperature window for Polybond AGP 90 gsm is 130°C to 150°C..

Can be used as roll stock or top lid on your packaging lines. Typical seal temperature window of 130°C to 150°C.

Material description

Product designation POLYBOND® AGP 90 gsm / 55 lb
Product description Coated Polymer Extra-reinforced Web for PVC and APET
Recommended sterilization EO / Irradiation
Substance ISO 536 g/m² 90
Substance ISO 536 lb 55
Thickness ISO 534 µm 120
Thickness ISO 534 mil 4.7
Tensile strength ISO 1924-2 kN/m 4.45
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 350
Tearing strength ISO 1974 mN 562
Cobb test ISO 535 g/m² 17.0
Pore size EN 868-6 (App.D) μm 18.0
Air permeance ISO 5636-3 μm/Pa.s 2.0
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