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Designed for steam sterilization processes of single use medical devices that require strong mechanical protection, with a target event related sterility maintenance of up to 3 years, Polybond-S 112 gsm associates medium to high seal strength levels to efficiently withstand vacuum cycles during sterilization, controlled maximum pore size for highest possible safety in sterility maintenance after sterilization, and very good mechanical performance in dry and wet stages thanks to polymer reinforcement of web material to maintain physical protection of your medical device. 


Polybond-S 112 gsm has been developed to seal to PA/PP films for the packaging of single use medical devices such as pre-filled syringes as well as the segment of industrial steam sterilization businesses where Tyvek packaging material is currently being used

Material description 

Product designation POLYBOND-S 112 gsm
Product description Polymer reinforced web for steam sterilization 112gsm
Recommended sterilization Steam
Substance ISO 536 g/m² 112
Thickness ISO 534 µm 135
Thickness ISO 534 mil 5.3
Average tensile strength  ISO 1924-2 kN/m 6,85
Average wet tensile strength ISO 3781 kN/m 3.15
Burst strength ISO 2758 kPa 530
Wet burst strength ISO 3689 kPa 260
Average initiated tear resistance ISO 1974 mN 1150
Cobb test ISO 535 g/m² 18.0
Water repellency EN868-2: app.D s 100
Pore size EN868-6 app.E μm 15
Fluorescence EN 868-2: 2009 app.B pts/dm² 0.0
Air permeance ISO 5636-3 μm/Pa.s 5.70
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