Quality and excellence are our primary goals, every day and in every action. The company’s in-house guidelines are based on shared values which are essential for the sustainability of each company within the Group.
In order to follow through on this undertaking we are committed to a sustainable and ethical approach to our practices.

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Thibaut Hyvernat President & CEO

At STERIMED, we are committed to developing a high level of consistency between our commitments to our customers, and those made to our employees and the environment. Every day, our teams, our sites, our skills, and our knowledge are all mobilized with the goal of innovating and better serving our customers.

We focus on 6 working axes


1Reducing our consumption and our environmental footprint

up to
of renewable
end life
• Recyclable
• Biodegradable
indicator over
the last five
INDICATOR: Reduction of
the ratio of kWh per tonne

95% of the water extracted is returned to the natural environment after passing through a wastewater treatment plant.

-9.3% in water consumption over the past 5 years.


2Promoting the development of our employees

  • We promote well-being at work and the development of all of our employees.
  • €1M annual investments in our human resources.
  • Certified great place to work
  • Guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees is a fundamental principle of the STERIMED Group.

The total number of hours devoted to training 27 hours per employee in 2020

100% of employees trained over a period of 3 years


3Developing sustainable business relationships based on ethics and compliance with Regulations

Zero-tolerance regarding corruption and influence peddling is the foundation to our business conduct

Implementation of a unique Global Code of conduct for the STERIMED Group


4Controlling risks for patients and users

297 people trained among medical device manufacturers over the last 3 years

We strive to control the risks faced by patients and users. For our teams, this involves complying with international health standards.

We want to be an active player in the prevention of infections.


5Designing a sustainable industrial system

50% of our Direct Purchase suppliers have registered with ECOVADIS


6Developing our local partnerships


We pay particular attention to promoting local employment.

We believe the first key to employment is education so we develop education and training at a local level and include students in keeping with the requirements of our activity.